A lot of artists struggle with anxiety

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A lot of artists struggle with anxiety.

Everyone thinks they’ve got it all figured out and that they feel on top of the world but the reality is that very often there is so much pressure on artists that behind the scenes an entire different reality presents itself.

They feel like they can’t breathe because they can’t live up to all the expectations and create destructive thought patterns. By doing this for a while, the brain will start to believe it and make the challenge even bigger, which can make it seem like it’s impossible to achieve a positive outcome.

When someone has thoughts of not being able to successfully carry out a certain task, like #Avicii had with performing on stage for example, they can experience very strong feelings of impotence, unsafety and insecurity which will reinforce the fear of doing the task even more.

Before it comes to this, it’s important that you know 2 things:
1. It’s all about changing the perspective
from what isn’t working towards what makes you grateful in life.
2. A head full of dreams, has no space for fear.

Working on your mindset is like playing in the big leagues!

There is no such thing as a golden pill to save you from negative thoughts or fears. All you can do is train your brain to redirect the focus to constructive ideas and that’s why gratitude is such a powerful tool. It fills your brain with beautiful thoughts, linked to lovely emotions, which doesn’t leave any space for worrying.

What are you grateful for?

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