Breaking free from the past!

Your past is just a story 
You have colored it with your own perspective, giving it meaning and making it comply with your truth. Keep in mind, this is not THE truth, nor is it real.

Everything you experience, gets meaning through pathways in your brain, which connect the current situation with something you’ve experienced in the past that was perceived in the same way by your subconscious brain. 

That’s why something that happens today, can trigger old feelings, because that’s exactly what your brain is doing: connecting the new with the old to give it meaning and significance. Sometimes this can lead to an explosion of sensations throwing you off, and leaving you with a bad taste in your mouth.

Knowing this, you can imagine that the same applies for the future; it is just a story that you’re telling yourself, which isn’t true, nor real. Everything you think (and do) is departing from a place of your personal experience, which is colored by the meaning you have given it over the years.

This means that a personal lesson that came across your path years ago, which left a negative footprint in your mind, can still impact the way you think and perceive things today. 

That’s why the only way to obtain results, and to change anything in life, happens by shifting your subconscious belief system. Otherwise you’re just reaching for something you can never achieve, and that can cost you a ton of energy, leading to you feeling frustrated and stuck in a downward spiral… Trust me, I’ve been there… it’s not recommended. 😊

When I work with clients in private sessions, this is the foundation we start with before doing anything else. Providing them with the tools to shift their inner world, so they can change the results perceived in their reality. Everything that’s going on outside of you, leaving you with a certain feeling, is actually your inner belief system that is being triggered and telling you a message.

What kind of situations do you encounter repeatedly that make you feel uncomfortable or stuck in any way? Take a look inside to see what the origin belief is, that’s triggering you, so you can start shifting it by connecting more preferable emotions to the situation.

Do you need a hand with this, or are you interested to discover more about your own belief system and how you can grow by shifting them? Don’t hesitate and schedule a call with me – I would love to get to know you and have a chat.

Shine on! 💖

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