Limiting beliefs

Cathy in pool

Limiting beliefs can be extremely damaging
for the results you create in your life.

Instead, start focusing your thoughts, attention and energy towards constructing evidence that you can find during the day to prove that you ARE on the right path towards what you want to achieve.

When I feel like something that I desire isn’t working out for me, it often goes hand in hand with me thinking negative thoughts. To break this cycle I stop feeding these destructive thoughts in the first place and then I’ll consciously start building on what it is I do want.

This can be by writing every evening in my gratitude journal about the small things that are already present to support my desire or it can be me visualizing things the way I want it to be and connecting my thoughts and emotions to that vision.

By staying stuck in negative thinking, your limiting beliefs will become more and more alive and can even evolve in great resistance and fear, holding you completely back from what you truly want.

Step out of the BS and into your greatness
because that’s all life wants for you.

Need support to let that light out?
DM me, because I’ve got you!

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