Mirror mirror on the wall… Will you rise or will you fall?

Cathy at the table

Mirror mirror on the wall…
Will you rise or will you fall?

What’s going on around you, is reflecting what’s going on inside you.

Do you know why this is great news?!

It means that you are no longer a victim of your circumstances, and you are actually in control! Can you feel the power in that? 

When you manage your own energy vibration, and do the inner work, you start attracting situations of the same frequency. When you keep on thinking about all the things that aren’t working out for you, you get more of the same… For example, how do you relate to this: When one thing is going wrong, it seems like everything is falling apart? And when you feel on top of the world, it’s like everything is working out for you?

This is how energy works… 🤷‍♀️
Whether you worry or thrive, energy doesn’t judge and simply follows your vibration. That’s why doing the inner work and applying the tools and techniques I teach you, will get you to experience results beyond your wildest dreams.

You are supposed to be on top of the world and feel happy. There is no need for compromise, unless that’s the story you believe and keep on telling yourself. The more you connect your thoughts and emotions with the frequency of what it is you desire, the easier it comes into your reality.

Knowing this, which frequency will you be focusing your attention on? Will it be fear, stress, maybe even anxiety or joy, love, kindness, respect and success? When working together, building this framework and getting your vision clear, is the first step you’ll take, because everything else I teach you, will flow from there. 

It’s needless to say that letting go of what isn’t working out for you is a lot easier when you have a distinct plan and strategy to work towards, instead of staying stuck in rethinking why you don’t want to stay in this situation any longer.

You can see yourself as a magnet, attracting exactly what you are sending out – even when you are not aware of it -, so be mindful about what you’re thinking (even when you assume that you’re not), because your thoughts are continuously going around and if they subconsciously bring you down, you keep ending up stuck in the same old situation.

Can you feel the importance of this inner work for both your career and your wellbeing? 

Do you want to discover which techniques and strategies would work for you? I only have a few spots available, so make sure to book a call with me.
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