Stand your ground!

When you are under the constant judgement of others and everyone seems to think something about what you do and who you are, it’s easy to lose all connection with yourself.

@mrs.anniemation how do you deal with the judgement of others?
‘I don’t worry about that. It’s just fine if people don’t like my artwork, I don’t like every piece of art from any artist either.
Tastes differ and as long as I’m not personally attacked or taken down, I can have it.’

Annie’s mindset is gold!
Do you feel the space she has
because she isn’t concerned
about what other people think?

When you keep visualizing other people’s possible opinions over and over again, there’s no more space for creativity or growth.

At that point you will feel stuck in a circle of thoughts that will freeze all the capacity for action. Recognizable?

Being highly sensitive also means having a deeper way of processing information and that makes it super easy for us to lose ourselves in spiraling thoughts.

To thrive and enjoy life, it’s therefore essential that you keep shifting the thoughts that hold you back, to the ones that inspire you and make you grow. Not only will you instantly feel better in your own skin, your results will also shoot through the roof!