The cost from building your legacy

When you feel just a bit different than everyone else, you tend to forget that this is exactly what separates you from the masses, which gives you an absolute advantage to set yourself apart from the rest while building your legacy.

Not conforming to the mainstream is the reason why so many people resonate with you, because they recognize themselves in you and your story and it makes them feel less alone in this world.


Speaking his truth and sharing it with the world without any expectations, was the foundation of the success from Kurt Cobain with Nirvana. Kurt felt so much because he couldn’t identify with most guys his age that he channeled this into his writing and music, making a lot of people relate to the essence of his story.

This unexpected success created some severe issues for Kurt, since inside he was still this little boy who was feeling lost in this world, not knowing how to claim his own space. He was building this huge legacy but no one ever taught him how to be famous, and how to cope with all the pressure coming his way.

Can you imagine the irony of how the pureness of his story created a legend, and is exactly the reason for his downfall?

I see this happening all the time.
The more successful artists and performers get, the less freedom they experience and the harder it gets to shine and excel in what you do.

I used to experience the same…
As a kid I had all this sensitivity towards my horses and was able to create a beautiful connection with them, but when you lose yourself on the road to success, you lose the exact thing that got you there in the first place. You lose your mojo.

At one point I couldn’t even ride the final of a horse show anymore, because the more pressure there was on me, the more I would screw things up. I couldn’t perform anymore, unless it was unimportant and just for fun. This taught me an important lesson!

Sometimes to avoid greater damage, you need to take a small step back in order to align with your own essence again. This means getting in touch with the foundation of why you are doing this in the first place, and building a strong sense of self-belief at the same time, so you can create the legacy of your dreams, and lead a happy and fulfilling life, feeling good in your own skin.


Can you feel the importance of this for both your career and your wellbeing? 

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