Mrs. Annie Mation what do you do when you lose your motivation or inspiration?

‘Not drawing for a while… Every artist will agree with me that you can’t force creativity. When juices flow, they flow. When they don’t, they don’t. At that point I just take a step back to do something else. My motivation usually will find me again anyway.’

Isn’t that interesting?
You can’t force creativity, but like mrs.anniemation says: ‘When I do this (retracting myself from the situation) and I focus on something different, apparently the mojo starts to flow again.’

What if you could manage that flow?
How would working feel for you if you can just pick a moment of your choosing and being able to tap into the ever flowing resource of creativity and inspiration, which we call ‘the source’?

This is also the perfect example of why motivation doesn’t work.
You can’t force yourself into anything when it doesn’t feel aligned. Motivation needs to come from a deeper place of commitment so that you will make an absolute priority of your vision. Sometimes that can be by taking a break from staring at your work/creation and going out for a nice walk or relaxing a little bit. Either way you want to stay true to yourself and surrender to whatever it is you need now to make your vision reality.

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Shine on! 💖