inspiration call with Cathy

What would your life look like
if you could have massive impact
and be fulfilled in the process?

I know you’ve been told that you have to sacrifice everything you know and love to be successful – well, I’m here to tell you that’s a load of nonsense, and there’s an entirely different path for you to redefine your life as a successful performer.

I work with highly-sensitive artists, performers, and creatives to help them reach and sustain success in highly-demanding creative industries.

Whether you wish to break free of limiting thought patterns, learn how to easily and consistently access your creativity (i.e. no more writer’s block!), overcome perfectionism, prevent burnout, or set healthy boundaries without impacting your career success – I help people like you to unlock their full potential.

I work closely with my clients to get a clear picture of where they’re currently at versus where they want to be. I then develop a personalized coaching program to help them achieve their goals across the key areas of work, relationships, and health.

This inner work covers a variety of techniques, tools, and exercises to align your mindset, emotions, and actions – and it creates results beyond your wildest dreams.

If you’re interested to learn more, schedule a call with me – I would love to get to know you and have a chat.

About Cathy

Cathy Spaas is a highly sensitive, lively and passionate mother, wife and horse girl. She adores animals, loves skiing and recharges her battery while horseback riding and having a good laugh with friends and family.

As a former elite international showjumper, Cathy is no stranger to the spotlight herself and the unique pressures faced by those ascending to the upper echelons of their profession. After suffering from a severe burnout, which she describes as her personal turning point, Cathy set out on a new path to help other highly sensitive people like herself create the life of their dreams.

Cathy is a world-class coach to professional performers, artists, and creatives who she supports to thrive at the highest level to create their most authentic and profound work, and find lasting inspiration and fulfillment. Having appeared on television and featured as a guest author in several books, she has coached hundreds of highly-sensitive clients through her groundbreaking Claim Your Shine modality.

If you’re a professional performer looking to navigate the shifting challenges of your career and life, redefine what it means to be successful and truly happy, and build the legacy of your dreams, Cathy is here to help. She only has a few spots available in her calendar so if this is for you, claim your moment immediately and schedule a call to find out how Cathy can help you to Claim your Shine.

Remember, the spots are limited and almost taken!