You don’t have to meditate all day long to experience balance!

Cathy on balance

You don’t have to meditate all day long to experience balance!
You can’t look for it or wait for it to find you.
Balance is created from the inside out.

It’s not about denying yourself lots of things,
it’s about experiencing inner peace regardless
of what you are doing.

When clients first start working with me they are often deeply affected by what happens around them and as HSP it’s not our natural state to ‘just let go’ of things.

We have a deeper processing in our brain, so we tend to overthink situations. When you work in the spotlight it can feel like your life is constantly held under a magnifying glass (and it often is!) so for you it’s even more essential to focus some time and attention on relaxing.

Even when you integrate small activities that make you come to peace into your day, it will help your body to lower the cortisol levels (stress hormone) which will make sure your resilience gets stronger and therefor it will help you stay centered and calm even in stressful periods of your life.

It’s all about practice.
Working on your mindset is similar to top sport.
We train ourselves every day with the inner work to excel at the highest level.
If you are looking for a golden pill to solve everything, this is NOT for you. If you want to see what else life can bring you, book a 20 min exclusive inspiration session with me and we’ll find out!

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