Hi, I am Cathy!

World-class coach Cathy Spaas is a highly sensitive, lively and passionate mother, wife and horse girl. As a former elite international showjumper, Cathy is no stranger to the spotlight herself and the unique pressures faced by those ascending to the upper echelons of their profession.

After suffering from a severe burnout in 2016, which she describes as her personal turning point, Cathy set out on a new path to help other highly sensitive people like herself create the life of their dreams and understand they can have massive career impact without sacrificing their health, relationships, or boundaries.

Now, Cathy helps professional performers, artists, and highly-sensitive creatives to reach and sustain success in these highly-demanding creative industries. Her personalized coaching program helps them achieve their goals across the key areas of work, relationships and health, and navigate the shifting challenges of career and life to thrive at the highest level.

Dear reader,

I haven’t always been able to shine as I do now.

I spent my childhood amongst the horses, the fearless child that didn’t seem afraid of anything. Both animals and nature have always had a soothing effect on me, and maybe that is why it took me so long to see the signs that something was amiss.

In my book, I detail my personal growth journey and how I now operate and thrive on levels I never dreamed possible – but let me be upfront; this was not an easy process. I had lost myself for years and the once fearless child grew to become a teenager and twenty-something plagued by anxiety, hurt, and insecurity.

For years I searched for methods that would help me feel better about myself, and while some techniques had their benefits they meant very little to the essence of my being. I kept running in circles, had very little energy, and continued to hold onto old hurts from the past. Simply put, I was not happy.

However hard I tried, I kept repeating the same patterns.

During my burn-out, I discovered that the HSP brain works quite differently. Once I came to understand the importance of utilizing this new knowledge into my daily life, I was finally able to let go of all the misery from the past. And it is from this new philosophy the idea of Claim Your Shine took shape.

The process is not always easy, but the principles and outcomes of Claim Your Shine allows you to experience everyday as a gift. It is now my mission to help other highly sensitive people in demanding, creative industries to break free from limiting thought patterns, learn how to easily and consistently access their creativity (i.e. no more writer’s block!), overcome perfectionism, and more to ultimately unlock their full potential!

If you would also like to thrive – let’s have a chat!

– Cathy

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