Spotlight Stress

Spotlight Stress is the go-to show for professional misfits.

Established actors, musicians and high achievers share their own journey on how they overcame struggles on the road to success and happiness.

Having to perform with tons of pressure, and your life under a magnifying glass adds extra stress to the brain: Spotlight Stress  

This show was created because Cathy noticed that a lot of professionals feel misunderstood and experience mental or emotional challenges their environment often can’t relate to. She knows first hand what it means to perform under high pressure and to lose yourself in the journey to success, but also how to rise above the hardship shining your brightest light.

Spotlight Stress shares proven strategies to inspire you to hone your inner diamond. So sit back, relax and let the magic of these brilliant souls inspire you to claim your shine.

Spotlight Stress Season 2

Spotlight Stress Season 1