Frequently Asked Questions
and their answers

I can imagine you have a ton of questions before you start on a journey to create massive impact
on your life and your results. If you have any questions that are not answered below
or you want to know more about what I can do for you? Let’s have a chat!

Private 1:1 coaching journeys are tailored bespoke to your situation and needs. Most typically they run for 6 months, however this can be extended or shortened, and the intensity of work dialed up or down depending on your personal circumstances.

We will be working on a major transformation process, so obviously you will want to invest some time for yourself to integrate the work.

We’ve achieved fantastic results for hundreds of highly sensitive artists and performers using the Claim Your Shine modality. The thing is… I could give you all the tricks and tools in the world, but if you decide (for whatever reason) that you aren’t going to put this into practice, then it isn’t going to work for you.

Implementing new knowledge can be tough, especially for HSPs. That’s where I come in to guide you when things get hard, because those moments will definitely come, and in this tailored coaching journey it’s all part of the bigger picture for your growing process.

Private 1:1 coaching journeys are tailored bespoke to your situation and needs. While programs typically start from € 100k, the best way to explore costs and payment programs is to schedule a call to discuss your goals, and what a private coaching journey might look like for you. Ultimately, the goal is your personal development.

Is this your time to shine?