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Are you a professional performer, artist, or creative?  Do you want to thrive at the highest level, create your most authentic and profound work, and find lasting inspiration and fulfillment?  I can help! Click here to learn how my groundbreaking Claim Your Shine modality can help you unlock success and build the legacy of your dreams.

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About Cathy Spaas

Cathy is a world-class coach to professional performers, artists, and creatives. Through her groundbreaking Claim Your Shine modality she supports these highly sensitive and intuitive people so that they can reach and sustain success in their highly-demanding creative industries.

As a former elite international showjumper, Cathy Spaas is no stranger to the spotlight herself and the unique pressures faced by those ascending to the upper echelons of their profession.
Cathy has coached hundreds of highly sensitive clients to make incredible breakthroughs in their life and career.

Cathy’s personalized coaching journeys use a blend of techniques, tools, and exercises to align mindset, emotions, and actions to achieve goals across the key areas of work, relationships, and health. 


Whether that’s setting healthy boundaries without impact on career success, overcoming perfectionism, preventing burnout, or learning to easily and consistently access their creativity – Cathy helps her clients thrive at the highest level and live a life of massive impact AND lasting fulfillment.

If you’re a professional performer looking to navigate the shifting challenges of your career and life, redefine what it means to be successful and truly happy, and build the legacy of your dreams, Cathy is here to help.

Climbing to the top of the mountain is a journey, maintaining your position, let alone making another descent can be daunting! Even the best of the best hit road blocks. That’s why any high performing person needs a sherpa/guide like Cathy along the way to asl the right questions and offer insight.

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Cathy offers her experience and knowledge in her weekly musings, providing insight and advice.

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Private, tailored coaching for performers, artists and highly sensitive creatives.


Give yourself permission to live a full and limitless life. It's your time to shine!

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Cathy Spaas works with a small, select group of elite professional performers, artists, and creatives offering bespoke 6 months private 1:1 coaching. She only has a few spots available in her calendar so if this is for you, claim your moment immediately and schedule a call to find out how Cathy can help you to Claim your Shine.

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