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Are you a professional performer, artist, or creative?  Do you want to thrive at the highest level, create your most authentic and profound work, and find lasting inspiration and fulfillment?  I can help! Click here to learn how my groundbreaking Claim Your Shine modality can help you unlock success and build the legacy of your dreams.

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About Cathy Spaas

Cathy is a world-class coach to professional performers, artists, and creatives. Through her groundbreaking Claim Your Shine modality she supports these highly sensitive and intuitive people so that they can reach and sustain success in their highly-demanding creative industries.

As a former elite international showjumper, Cathy Spaas is no stranger to the spotlight herself and the unique pressures faced by those ascending to the upper echelons of their profession.
Cathy has coached hundreds of highly sensitive clients to make incredible breakthroughs in their life and career.

Cathy’s personalized coaching journeys use a blend of techniques, tools, and exercises to align mindset, emotions, and actions to achieve goals across the key areas of work, relationships, and health. 


Whether that’s setting healthy boundaries without impact on career success, overcoming perfectionism, preventing burnout, or learning to easily and consistently access their creativity – Cathy helps her clients thrive at the highest level and live a life of massive impact AND lasting fulfillment.

If you’re a professional performer looking to navigate the shifting challenges of your career and life, redefine what it means to be successful and truly happy, and build the legacy of your dreams, Cathy is here to help.

Cathy Spaas Academy

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Click here to find our more about being a highly sensitive person and the unique challenges.


Cathy offers her experience and knowledge in her weekly musings, providing insight and advice.

with Cathy

Private, tailored coaching for performers, artists and highly sensitive creatives.


Give yourself permission to live a full and limitless life. It's your time to shine!

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“From problem to possibility”

Getting up in the morning at the beginning of a new day, wasn’t an easy job for me to do. As an HSP, I knew I had a lot of stimuli coming my way. To me, these were hurdles and barriers that drained all my energy and robbed me of my sense of joy in life. This happened every day, again and again.

By living my life in a mindful way and not building stories around what happens, I now feel empowered. I get up in the morning and surrender myself to the fun, interesting events and challenges that are coming my way. I don’t judge the situation I’m in. I just let the moments flow.
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I completed the programme with Cathy a few months ago. It has made a large impact on who I am today and how I approach life. I implement Cathy’s tips and exercises on a daily basis and I have made them my own.

The theory has become a piece of myself and it has given me belief and trust that whatever comes my way, I’ve always got the right tools to take on every challenge and to even allow these challenges to empower me as a person. Challenges are no longer blockades…

“Everything will always turn out right”, like Cathy always said, now has become my personal slogan and that gives me so much freedom, and above all; room to enjoy all the good that is in my life already! Gratitude! Thanks Cathy, for all your wisdom and for keeping up that mirror I needed to look at so badly!
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“This really pushes the right buttons!”

I was a client of Cathy’s in 2018 and 2019. She possesses a profound force and works with methods that are easily implementable almost always and everywhere. No fuss: “Shift your life!” is the slogan here. You learn how to switch your life around and Cathy knows exactly where the right buttons are.

Cathy Spaas works with a small, select group of elite professional performers, artists, and creatives offering bespoke 6 months private 1:1 coaching. She only has a few spots available in her calendar so if this is for you, claim your moment immediately and schedule a call to find out how Cathy can help you to Claim your Shine.

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