“Give yourself permission
to live a full and limitless life!”

What is holding you back?

Are you a professional performer, artist, or musician? You’re pretty successful, but you KNOW something – whether it’s fear, doubt, insecurity – is holding you back from greatness? Maybe you’ve hit the echelons of success only to find out it’s not everything you quite imagined it would be… people demanding your time and energy, the pressure of eyes and expectation on you. Maybe you’re struggling to stay connected to your passion while juggling your personal relationships and health? That’s where Cathy can help!

Cathy is a world-class coach to professional performers, artists, writers, and creatives. Through her groundbreaking Claim Your Shine modality, Cathy shows clients they can have massive career impact without sacrificing their mental health, relationships, or boundaries.

Her private, tailored coaching journeys help professional performers, artists, and highly sensitive creatives to reach and sustain success in these highly demanding creative industries. Using a blend of techniques, tools, and exercises to align mindset, emotions, and actions, Cathy helps her clients create results beyond their wildest dreams across key areas of work, relationships, and health.

Whether it’s navigating the shifting challenges of career and life, breaking free from limiting thought patterns, learning how to easily and consistently access your inspiration and creativity, overcome perfectionism, prevent burnout, or set healthy boundaries without impacting your career success – Cathy supports her clients to thrive at the highest level.

This personalized coaching is for you if:

  • You are a successful performer/artist/creative seeking the tools and support to help you reach and sustain success in a highly competitive and demanding industry
  • You wish to receive coaching and guidance to align your mindset, emotions, and actions to overcome limiting thought patterns, overcome perfectionism, set healthy boundaries without impacting your career success, easily connect to your inspiration, and find lasting inner peace and fulfillment
  • You want to unlock your full potential in the key areas of work, relationships, and health
  • You are willing and committed to doing the inner work. Cathy can provide you with the tools, techniques, and exercises – but you are the one who needs to put it into practice