In the media

In the media

Cathy is available for selected media and speaking opportunities.
For enquiries, please contact us via info@cathyspaas.com


Brainz Magazine

So proud to be an Executive Contributor at Brainz Magazine where I share my knowledge and insights on Spotlight Stress!
Check out all my articles here👇🏻

NYC Journal

The New York City Journal did a great job at demonstrating what sets my work apart from other coaches and speakers: the Claim your Shine modality. Most artists feel different but don’t even know they’re highly sensitive. With their lives under a magnifying glass, the pressure is constantly on. Brain-noise and overwhelm are making them want to numb everything out and feel disconnected with the world and themselves.

Entrepreneurs Herald

Check out this interview in Entrepreneurs Herald to discover what can be done to help artists and performers cope with the pressures of the spotlight.

ValiantCEO Magazine

Happiness wasn’t always a given for me, and often I didn't feel like I would fit in… ValiantCEO recently shared an article where I describe my personal turning point, alongside with my formula to success in business. Maybe it can inspire you on your own journey to uplift your career and happiness.

Entrepreneurs Herald

ValiantCEO Magazine

Women's Herald

Women's Herald

So exicted to share this article with you! While working on my book I feel my passion for this work every day, so being able to spreading my message in this article lights up my heart 💖🙏🏻

Open Loops

A talk with Greg Bornstein about living a life of flow, a life of positive energy and financial abundance, a life filled with joy, and authenticity, and ease, and fun!

Transparant Table Talk_Cathy Spaas

Transparant Table Talk

Do you consider yourself a Highly Sensitive Person? In this episode of 'Message In The Middle' Marianne and I talk about: What being highly sensitive really means; Learning not to get involved in other people’s emotions; Tips for anyone that feels like their mind is often racing; Techniques to help you feel more present and in touch with your own emotions vs someone else's; Perfectionism. This is the perfect podcast to discover all about it!

Message in the Middle

Do you consider yourself a Highly Sensitive Person? In this episode of 'Message In The Middle' Marianne and I talk about: What being highly sensitive really means; Learning not to get involved in other people’s emotions; Tips for anyone that feels like their mind is often racing; Techniques to help you feel more present and in touch with your own emotions vs someone else's; Perfectionism. This is the perfect podcast to discover all about it!

Stories That Inspire Hope

‘Why being an HSP is an absolute advantage?’ Is just one of the topics Kornelia Stephanie and I discussed on her show: Stories That Inspire Hope. Check it out here 👇🏻 and maybe you’ll discover some superpowers of your own.

What does Spotlight Stress mean?

While being interviewed for 'You need a counselor' I share my personal experience from receiving therapy and coaching myself, as well as insights I've gained these past few years from working with famous actors and performers. Check it out here👇🏻 and find out how!

The Eden Magazine

Overcoming perfectionism can be a hassle... It was lovely giving my expert insights to (insert Eden Magazine tag) on this topic. Striving for the unattainable can hold you back from rising to the upper echelon! Read the full article to find out tips and tricks for moving past the quest to be perfect.

How to Overcome Non-Stop Criticism & Find Strength?

Top performers of all types walk a perilous tightrope between giving their all to their work and jeopardizing their mental health. Being famous means being criticized. Being a performer means learning to live with rejection. I interviewed seven prominent artists and performers about their experiences with criticism—both internal and external—and how they’ve kept it from impacting their mental health. Check the full article👇🏻!

Professionally vulnerable

For CEO World Magazine I wrote an article on the subject of mental health pressures for actors, musicians, elite athletes, and other performers who live their entire lives in the spotlight. Find out all the tips and tricks from these successful artists by reading the full article👇🏻!

How HSP Can Achieve WILD Success Without Sacrifice

I interviewed more than a dozen prominent artists and performers, like Kate Chapman (Broadway), Bulat Nasibullin and Mark Pellegrino (The Big Lebowski) about their experiences with high sensitivity, and their coping mechanisms during particularly stressful times. Read all about their experience as highly sensitive artists. Check the full article👇🏻!


As expert on mental health I get frequent requests to share my vision on current situations. It’s so important to share this knowledge so more attention goes to the topic of mental health so I was glad to be able to share my expertise via Insider.

Sun US & Sun UK

I was honored to be quoted in several stories in The Sun discussing how people can best manage their mental health during tragic or traumatic events, like the recent ones which happened to Alec Baldwin. Have a look at these articles to find out how to cope with the stress that comes along with it, and how to maintain a strong, positive mindset during challenging times.

Swaay Magazine

Overcoming perfectionism can be a pretty big challenge. It’s definitely harder than you think and is a common struggle for professional actors, artists, musicians, creatives, and innovators. Always wanting your work to be absolutely perfect before sharing it could be preventing you from opening doors to more opportunities and experiences. Often when we’re holding ourselves back in this regard, we’ll get stuck in a cycle of low self-esteem, putting confidence on a downward spiral. Great to give my insight to SWAAY on why always striving for perfection could actually be holding you back.

Polished Woman Radio

Loved getting to chat with Jessica for The Polished Woman radio show! We got to talk about working with highly sensitive people and it sounds like her and Max definitely resonated with the challenges facing all of us when it comes to burnout. Enjoyed giving my expert advice on how to set healthy boundaries and identify the best ways all of us who are HSP can help set themselves up to thrive!

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LA Talk Radio

Had a lovely conversation with Max Tucci for LA Talk Radio . There was so much to discuss it turned into a two part episode! Really a wonderful “life class” as he called it. We chatted about brain noise which is a problem for so many people. Everyone feels like their own worst critic and it shouldn’t be that way. The way we speak to ourselves has to be better! Being the best should be tied to treating yourself like the best!

Radio Show Hit103.1 Townsville

This was so much fun! Nice to be invited by Hit103.1 Townsville in Australia to give their morning show hosts Clifo & Gabi some Million Dollar Advice! We talked about the importance of breath work and how it can help balance the pressures of a stressful performance, like competing for a million dollars! So many of us forget to make ourselves a priority in our day! One way you can do this is by simply slowing down and focusing on taking some time for deeper breathing.

Coffee with Colin

I had a blast being interviewed by world-class actor Colin Egglesfield. During this inspiring conversation, Colin and I discussed some invaluable insights, like ways to present yourself more confidently to the world, and we shared our own experience on how to manifest your dreams and goals!

We talked about topics like:

  • self-confidence
  • perfectionism
  • connecting with your creativity
  • setting boundaries

Some amazing questions were asked by Colin and the audience, which gave me the possibility to really go in depth and give a ton of value and insights on these topics (e.g. What is HSP?). If you’re looking for some hands on tips and tricks, you will absolutely love this interview!

That’s exactly the reason why we made sure there’s a recording for you to watch, so you don’t have to miss a thing!

Entrepreneur Podcast

I really enjoyed this conversation with Entrepreneur for their podcast Action and Ambition. They called it an inspiring episode! We talked about highly sensitive people and how a lot of top performers, artists, and high achievers are HSP, but they don’t even know it. I got to explain how you can recognize this in yourself, and how to combat the brain noise that can be a battle for us, especially when you’re under a lot of pressure or in the spotlight because of your career.

Grazia Magazin

Amazing to be interviewed for Grazia Magazin! I loved getting the chance to discuss the intense mental pressures athletes and any performers at an elite level face in their careers. Wonderful seeing the importance of mental health getting discussed on the world stage with stars in sports this year & the Tokyo Olympics.
The article is in German, you can read it here:

Cathy Spaas_Modern Professionals Magazine

Mental Pressures Can Derail Anyone Including Olympic Athletes

In this article I was invited to discuss what it takes to provide an environment accepting of mental health needs.

Expert contribution
Nicki Swift Magazine

To find out what other red flags we might have missed, Nicki Swift spoke to Cathy Spaas, a coach to professional performers, artists, and creatives — and what she had to say was definitely eye-opening. Check it out.

Cathy Spaas : “Confront Your Fear”

“After coaching hundreds of highly sensitive clients for the past four years to reach their own personal goals, last year I felt I couldn’t keep avoiding the next logical step for me any longer. It was time for me to reinvent myself again, and start sharing my expertise with artists and professional performers by coaching them to thrive at the highest level, and create the personal life of their dreams."

Cathy Spaas_Authority Magazine

5 Things You Need To Create a Highly Successful Career As a Life or Business Coach

I was thrilled to speak to Authority Magazine by Arianna Huffington at length about my life and career, and what it takes to become a successful coach. I share some personal challenges on the road to success, and how I overcame those. Hopefully you enjoy the read!

Best selling author

I was invited to share the story of my transformation in the incredible book: Arise: Stories of Fierce, Fearless & Unapologetic Women Being Their OWN Guiding Stars.

Whether you’re an expert spiritual business owner, or someone that is new to this world and starting out in your journey, this book will inspire a phenomenal, life-altering journey…

If you want to read my story any many more of various inspiring, fierce women, buy your copy now!