Imposter Syndrome is real

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Imposter Syndrome is real.

When I just started working as a coach for highly sensitive people 4 years ago, a lot of my friends thought it would be a flop. My own husband didn’t believe this could become a success and to be honest, I wasn’t so sure myself either.

Sometimes you just get a feeling and it makes you so curious, that you can’t do anything but follow it. Did that mean I thought this was my mission in life? Hell no! I didn’t have the slightest idea what was about to happen or if this was even going to work for me…

If we’re being completely honest, I wasn’t even sure if I would keep this coaching thing up for very long (I get bored quite easily 😊) and had no idea what to expect from working this close with people, since I didn’t have the best experience on my previous job and my life had been all about horses in the past.

Today, 4 years later,
I can tell you this about starting something new:
· we all feel like an imposter
· and we are all insecure about our own capacities

The only way to get more confident about yourself and what you do and to receive any confirmation, is by doing it while it scares you. Afterwards you’ll discover that you survived and that people are happy with your work (or not and then you could make some changes but you still survived).

Too often we think that we have to be sure about everything or be perfect at what we do before we can start, only to discover that there will never be a moment in life when you will feel 100 % confident or sure or ready.

“It’s all about seizing the moment
and trusting that you will be guided
to the right path for you.”

What’s your biggest desire that scares you to get started?
Where do you experience the imposter syndrome?
And what will you do to step into your true power and put your message out into the world?

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