Inside Scoop with Mrs. Annie Mation – Pressure is your best friend!

Mrs. Annie Mation

Pressure is your best friend!

Often you hear people cave under pressure. Let’s find out how Mrs. Annie Mation copes with the pressure that is put on her by others:

‘Actually, pressure is my best bud! For example, my most motivated followers will know that during the months of July and August I’m inactive as “Mrs. Annie Mation”. During summer Annie goes into hibernation, because I prefer to be lazy, hang around and get a tan. 😊

The only reason I do this is because I really need deadlines to get creative and go to work and those tend to disappear during summertime. When my train is going, it will keep on going, but once I’m finished, I’m truly finished and I find it difficult to get my engine running again. So bring them on, those deadlines!’

Pressure can make us feel completely overwhelmed.
It’s super important that you deal with those feelings to be able to perform consistently on a high level.

When you let pressure take over, you won’t find inner peace anymore, not even when relaxing, because your brain is working overtime since it thinks there’s constantly stuff to get done.

Especially when you have a million things to do in a short amount of time, the survival brain will take over and we’re merely reacting, instead of (pro) acting.

Small moments of awareness can help you take back control over your thoughts and create a more spacious environment inside yourself. It will give your brain some peace and quiet, so you can get a lot more done than when you stay stuck in the spiraling thoughts of all the work you have on your plate.

When you reach this state of mind, you will be able to move mountains in no time. Focusing on the next step and staying in the moment while taking it.

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